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1. Dialectical Homeopathy

2. Molecular Imprinted Drug Designing in Water

3. Homeopathic Perspective of Sulphur Biochemistry


  • "Dear Mr Chandran. I am so grateful for being my teacher in homeopathy during this time. I truly appreciate your knowledge and your research. You have dedicated your precious tim..."
    Alfredo Perez,
  • "I used RADAR,CARA and many more.But when I installed SIMILIMUM,I was astonished! It's wonderful and I promise if you once install it,you will surely be rewarded.Its simple user ..."
    Homoeopathic physician
  • "It is seven years (from 2004 February onwords)Iamusing the homoeopathicsoftware SIMILIMUM developed by K.C.Chandran Nambyar.It is very useful to workout cases and find the appro..."
    Thomas cherian