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Quotes I am using the similimum ultra soft ware. It has the best patient management system. I enjoy using the software. Quotes
Dr Mohamed Akbar
Medical Officer, Department of Homoeopathy, Kerala

Quotes Dear Mr Chandran. I am so grateful for being my teacher in homeopathy during this time. I truly appreciate your knowledge and your research. You have dedicated your precious time to research and I have gotten benefits form your research and multisimillium research. May God bless you for all the significant kowledge you are providing us. Quotes
Alfredo Perez, [email protected]

Quotes I visited your site which is pretty interesting. also the software you developed is quite up to the mark with the present day softwares. it is very elaborate and possibly all the points taken as far as the patient is looks very user friendly, which is most important.keep doing. all best... Quotes
Anirban Sukul. Calcutta, India. [email protected]

Quotes We have gone through many of your articles. u have done a great job for homeopathy. Continue to do so. Do not get affected by other discussions. go on. cheers doc. Quotes
DR. HITEN D.SAFI M.D.(HOM) , [email protected]

Quotes Thank you. I sincerely appreciate your articles. Of course I also search single remedy for one patient, however, On the other side, I cannot help prescribing multi-remedies. I could obtain my rationale of multi similimums through your articles. I think your thoughts as what all the homeopaths have thought. thanks again. Quotes
Pollux Castor , Suwon hwasung-city, Hong. [email protected]

Quotes There have been strong oppositions to any new ideas in the past in our history of human development. But the struggles went on and on. We need dedicated professional like you Mr. Chandran ! I personally may not agree with all your findings. But I have deep respect for your work. We need a simpler scientific method based on the universal theory of 'Similia Similibus Curentur'. I know, I have no such talent to pave a new way for others but I am a dedicated follower. You may see my profile not far behind you. Go ahead- prove yourself and the world will listen to you! Quotes
Dr. Ayub Khan, Ontario, Canada. [email protected]

Quotes Please keep your work going, your articles are thought provoking & meaningful. Not many people will understand this, although they call themselves doctor but in real sense they should do self introspection congratulation for your work & all the best. Please send your chapter to news magazine in the form of single article, let homeopathic students learn from you sir. Quotes
Dr. Nisanth Nambison, Bhopal, India, [email protected]

Quotes Very informative integrated similimum method. We want follow this procedure for our patients. Quotes
Dr. Amir Musthafa, Homeopathic Physician, Lahore, Pakistan

Quotes Chandran, Your journey is admirable. Always remember, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Do not the community deserve a gain? Quotes
Peter Kay, Australia

Quotes Hi Chandran, I have earlier seen each one of your scholarly write-up on ?Dialectical homeopathy? looks like a master piece. I am sure you are ultimately going to succeed in your attempts to provide a scientific explanation to the theoretical and practical riddles involved in Homoeopathy. Your firm determination in this direction is amply shown in your loud conviction that, primitive forms of nano technology and modern molecular medicine lay hidden encapsulated in the two century old theory of ?similia similibus curentur?, and the wonderful art of homoeopathic potentization. You being a scientist a zoologist could explain very well with all the relevant and appropriate scientific parlance. God bless you. Quotes
Dr. Kuldip Singh, Mohali, India. [email protected]


  • "Dear Mr Chandran. I am so grateful for being my teacher in homeopathy during this time. I truly appreciate your knowledge and your research. You have dedicated your precious tim..."
    Alfredo Perez, [email protected]
  • "I used RADAR,CARA and many more.But when I installed SIMILIMUM,I was astonished! It's wonderful and I promise if you once install it,you will surely be rewarded.Its simple user ..."
    Homoeopathic physician
  • "It is seven years (from 2004 February onwords)Iamusing the homoeopathicsoftware SIMILIMUM developed by K.C.Chandran Nambyar.It is very useful to workout cases and find the appro..."
    Thomas cherian